Clean Room Hoists

HoistsZinter's compact belt hoists and trolleys built for semiconductor environments, ISO 5 (US FED STD 209E Class 100). The equipment is manufactured from cleanroom safe materials. All of our products are non-contaminating, low-out gassing, accurate and quiet. We incorporate internationally known quality labels, cleanroom grade motor and motor brakes.

HoistsZinter cleanroom hoists can be applied to all markets and are especially tailored for light weight lifting applications. Our cleanroom hoists are perfectly suited for maintenance activities as well as manufacturing. All of our cleanroom hoisting products are made of polished stainless steel external components to guarantee total cleanliness. Zinter’s cleanroom hoist dyneema belt technology is lubrication-free which eliminates contamination.

A wide range of products to solve your hoisting demand

Standard features include: Dyneema belt technology, Ultra Low headroom, Variable speed operation with AC inverter, Pendant or Radio controlled. Stainless steel enclosure, Stainless steel load hook with latch, Upper limit switches (paddle style), overload relay and transformer, NEMA 4X 2-button plastic pendant.

Configurations include: Single Hook Fixed, Push Trolley and Motorized Trolley with composite trolley wheels or stainless steel trolley wheels.

Industries Served: Semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and Food Processing (Food Grade).

Single belt hoist  max 6.000 kg

Single belt hoist max 6000 kg

This clean room hoist can be used in ISO 7 environments for basic hoisting demands.
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Single belt hoist maximum 5.000 kg

Single belt hoist maximum 5000 kg

This compact belt hoist can be used in ISO 5-7 environments for basic hoisting demands.
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