Semi Conductor Semi Conductor

Today’s semi conductor market requires lifting solutions for heavy components. Clean hoisting equipment is an absolute must. This technology based business sector has strict requirements and requires special designed equipment for accuracy and cleanliness. A continuous quality program is required to meet the ever changing application demands. Throughout the world; we work together with Semicon leaders to keep pace with the demanding innovation curve.

Current customer portfolio includes: IBM, Globalfoundries, ASML, Canon, CNSE, Intel, Cymer, LAM Research and Applied Materials.

With our wide range of products and hoisting capacities (200 lbs. to 24 ton), single or multiple crane solutions; we can meet any demand.

Pharmaceutical Pharmaceutical

Clean rooms are used in practically every industry where small particles can adversely affect the manufacturing process. The pharmaceutical industry is definitely one of them. Our hoisting units operate perfectly within these surroundings. Non contamination, optimal accuracy, silent and all made of class-A components. With a flexible range of products we can offer an excellent hoisting solution in this sector.

Food Industry Food Industry

Within the food industry clean rooms are used during the production process. Better control of the production process can extend the shelf-life of processed foods or fresh products considerably. More stringent monitoring of quality also leads to stricter environmental requirements. For these environments we offer different tailor-made hoisting solutions.

Aerospace Aerospace

In the production of precision parts for electronic or aerospace equipment; a hoisting device can be a welcome help.  We are confident that we can meet any and all challenges posed by our clients' technical and operational requirements.