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As a market leader, we have acquired considerable expertise and established an excellent reputation in the field of cleanroom hoisting design. Each item of hoisting equipment is unique and can be delivered with a diversity of specific options. We offer a range of basic products tailored to your needs. We have single and multiple cranes with single and multiple hoisting units. Our cranes and hoists can move in the X,Y and Z motion. All of our cranes and hoists are made of class-A materials, are non-contaminating, low-out gassing, accurate and quiet. We incorporate internationally known quality labels. In purchasing our products, you will improve your handling efficiency while making the workplace a more productive and safer environment. Quality equipment combined with a service contract, guarantees 24/7 support for your equipment and reliability.

In addition to the cranes and hoists we deliver a wide range of products for use in clean rooms.

We offer numerous types of Clean Room Equipment. To determine which type is right for your application, contact one of our experienced staff members. Gowning room equipment, complete clean rooms, clean room tables, chairs, carts, workstations, desiccators, etc.

Cleanroom classification is based on cleanliness level, which represents the level of measured contamination from 1 particle at 0.5µm per cubic foot of air to 100000 particles at 0.5µm per cubic foot of air.

Quality labels

Quality labels

Our products have the highest level of quality possible. We provide acknowledged quality labels with accreditation. All of our clean room cranes and equipment meet the required specifications worldwide. If a special certification is requested we are the first to obtain it. This flexibility demonstrates to the rest of the world that quality and testability aren't simply empty slogans at Zinter.

EC Standards:
- EN14492-2
- EN 60204-1
- ISO 2766
- ISO 14644-1

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