Zinter awarded service contract to cleanroom customer in Boise, Idaho


Zinter has been awarded a contract to provide recertification and inspection services for an ISO 5, 10-tonne cleanroom crane for a customer in Boise, Idaho. Zinter’s world class inspection program meets and exceeds OSHA requirements while identifying and replacing component issues before down time occurs. Zinter’s commitment to a total system inspection goes far beyond the requirements of OSHA. This means that we monitor for wear on each of the system’s many hoists, trolleys and bridges and verify limit operation to within the tightest specifications in the industry and perform an overall system health check. Our technicians work hand-in-hand with the OEM Manufacturer through an alliance partnership and are rigorously trained. Emergency 24/7 service as well as spare parts are available at the request of each of our cleanroom customers. Service contract for 2020 is on-going.

cleanroom crane system

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